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Quantic Technologies offers services to streamline IT strategy creating, information security assurance and system integration, ensure smooth and effective digital transformation and improve digital customer experience. Our approach is to focus on the client’s strategy and long-term goals, so we skip the noise of fleeting trends and equip the business with reliable and agile technology to achieve enduring outcomes.

Years experience


Years experience
Enterprise IT Solutions


Enterprise IT Solutions
Solutions Consulting


Solutions Consulting

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Our Services

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    Crisis management consulting

    We know how important it is for businesses to maintain operability in hard times caused by a natural disaster, a technological crisis, and more. So, Quantic offers you crisis management consulting services that can make a difference for your business at a critical time. 

  • it-strategy

    IT strategy consulting

    We know that devising and implementing a concise IT strategy aligned with business goals is a daunting task, we are happy to share our experience to support you in technology road mapping and exploring most efficient ways to use available resources and technology trends.

  • digital-transformation

    Digital Transformation

    With the right choice of business-supporting technologies, we help startups and enterprises go beyond automating traditional methods and processes and explore new ways to boost business and even transform business models.


Solution Lifecycle Support

Quantic’s team of information technology consultants have the skills, methods and tools to help the client in adapting to the market demand and building up revenue through digital transformation. We back up our services with multi-year expertise, and it shows at every project stage:

  • 1. Planning Stage

    ✓ Drafting and revising the strategy

    ✓ Selecting the platforms

    ✓ Mapping business requirements to features

    ✓ Planning releases for iterative solution improvement

  • 2. Implementation stage

    ✓ Platform-based solutions or custom development

    ✓ Integration

    ✓ Data migration

  • 3. Maintenance stage

    There’s always room for more growth, and Quantic is ready to uphold the craving for improvements, be it new functionality or better interoperability, performance, usability, scalability and bug fixing. We will allocate a multidisciplinary team with DB, CRM, mobile, UI and other experts to maintain, upgrade and update your software.

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